Social Media Analytics that Deliver a Positive UX to the Tech Industry

Keyhole is trusted by leading tech organizations to track trends and campaigns, measuring social performance and building off key reach, influence and engagement data.

“The Keyhole dashboard has been very helpful for reporting on the impact we’ve had at influencing influencers as they publish content around (our) hashtag. Keyhole definitely frees up time from manual monitoring and has contributed to the growth of our social footprint.”
Lee Odden
TopRank Marketing

Harness Hard Data to Guide Social Campaigns of any Scale

Access influence and engagement data from trends, campaigns and industry names that are local to global in reach. Keyhole examines a virtually-limitless amount of social content, delivering information you can use in any digital marketing campaign.

Monitor Reviewers and Influencers Who Engage Your Social Sphere

Track leading tech industry voices as they talk about your brand and similar services. Keyhole’s unique Influencers tab quantifies and ranks posts that drive meaningful conversations, pointing you towards positive content to re-share and giving you new ideas to improve engagement.

Identify Content that Drives Social Success, Allowing for Consistent Engagement

Eliminate the guesswork in theorizing why some content goes viral. Keyhole presents real-time engagement data in clean charts and graphs, illustrating why certain trends are winners so you can further inform your content marketing efforts.

Analyze the Competition’s Strategies to Bolster Your Own Tactics

Measure metrics surrounding trends and campaigns launched by noteworthy competitors. Keyhole tracks URLs, keywords and unique hashtags in real time to investigate why some social activities are successful, helping you use tactics that work and avoid others.

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