How FITCRUNCH got 80,000+ Social Engagements in 3 months

Using Influencer Marketing to Drive Sales

FITCRUNCH® Protein Bars

"Fitness is changing. Advice from friends at the gym is far more valuable than TV ads. Keyhole is phenomenal in helping us find and engage these influencers, and then track the traffic they’re bringing us."


Chief Executing Officer, FITCRUNCH


  • Customers don't want to be sold to, they want a buddy. We had to abort our traditional marketing practices, and quickly build an online presence.
  • Finding influencers at scale, without being on social 24/7.
  • Measuring direct impact on sales from social conversations.

FITCRUNCH® IS THE FITNESS COMPANY known for FITCRUNCH® Baked Bars that combines nutrition with real good taste, inspired by world-renowed chef Robert Irvine and FortiFX founder Sean Perich.

Like many other businesses, FITCRUNCH® started with traditional marketing. A $14,000 budget on print ads for example, would amount to about 100,000 subscribers. However, FITCRUNCH® quickly realized there's no easy way to track website conversions from those subscribers.

As a rapidly growing multi-million dollar company, FITCRUNCH® knows the value in using influencer marketing to expand and engage their customer base.

However, it doesn’t have time to be on social 24/7 to find quality influencers, track their performances, and monitor how social conversations are driving their sales.

How Keyhole Helped









"We grew our instagram account from 2,000 to 25,000 followers. We want to find social influencers we didn't know that are tweeting us, and engage with them. That directly impacts our brand awareness and sales ."


Marketing Director, FITCRUNCH

Find top influencers who are talking about your brand right now

With Keyhole, you don't have to be on social media 24/7, and can still monitor when an influencer above a certain following mentions your brand or campaign.

Robert Irvine with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Via Twitter

"Alerts is my personal favorite. When NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweeted he was having a FITCRUNCH® bar, we were able to jump on it and capture the buzz in real-time."

Track the Success of your Influencers in 1 Dashboard

FITCRUNCH easily monitors who's talking about them, who's driving fans engagement, and each influencer partner's success, so it can plan strategic partnerships with these influencers.

"I want to easily track impact of our influencers. Forget about going through 30 URLs to see the posts, Keyhole captures this in 1 dashboard. This allows us to assess our marketing efforts with hard data."


Brand Manager, FITCRUNCH


FITCRUNCH drives buzz to their social campaigns through finding and reposting top user-generated contents to their accounts.

Since launching their influencer program with Keyhole, FITCRUNCH® has found and engaged with around 20 new influencers a month. This allows the company to get the word out about new flavours they are testing and the latest news and promotions.

Understand What engages your Customers

  • Which product flavours do fans like?
  • Which retailer to partner with for new products?

FITCRUNCH looks at trending conversations among its audience, using Keyhole's word cloud, when making strategic decisions.

Word cloud

Via Keyhole

"We rely on the world cloud to identify trending conversations, so we can include them in our posts and attract new target audience. For instance, when searching for our protein bar #fitcrunchbar, the word cloud showed that 'snack', 'chocolate', 'butter', 'peanut' as trending keywords. This gave us insights on what customers may like as new protein bar flavours."

Drive Sales from Social Conversations

FITCRUNCH® uses Keyhole to measure the amount of brand awareness, exposure and product sales each influencer is driving for the company.


Via Instagram

FITCRUNCH® creates a unique hastag for each influencer partner, and uses Keyhole to measure each social success against actual sales.

When FITCRUNCH® launched a new protein bar flavor called birthday cake, they were able to use the word cloud and see certain retailers popping up. This helps FITCRUNCH® to make strategic decisions such as which retailers to partner with.

Keyhole's visual reports allows FITCRUNCH® to easily assess their marketing efforts with hard meaningful data.