Keyhole Advanced Analytics Suite

Because the most powerful form of communication is listening.
Listen to the entire internet, and use let its data work for you.

They Talk, We Listen.

Keyhole combines Social Listening, Social Media Analytics, Media Monitoring and Social Media Account Optimization, all in one suite. 

Your campaign data, up-front and center. 
Use social media analytics to understand how any online #campaign or #event is performing in seconds, and dig in through granular, advanced filtering.

Take Brand Monitoring to another level.
Advanced Brand monitoring across all platforms, plus in-depth sentiment, people and conversation analysis.

Easily measure the impact that influencers are having on your campaigns.
Plus, discover new influencers engaging with your campaign or brand in real-time.

Use advanced, granular boolean queries, deep filtering, and AI-driven trend analysis and forecasting
to understand any conversation happening online.

More Features

Predict Success

Keyhole is the only online analytics product that uses Machine Learning to predict how your campaign or term will perform online.

Advanced Sentiment Analysis

Understand the sentiment behind every post and see how sentiment around your topic changes over time.

Advanced Trend Analysis

Uncover emerging trends as they are rising in popularity, and see what is becoming less relevant.

Competitor Analysis

Gain full access into how competitor accounts, campaigns and brands are performing online and compare them to your own.

Find Influencers

See the most influential users participating in any online conversation and engage and measure them right from Keyhole.

Free, Unlimited Exports

Save hours of work every week with automatically aggregated metrics that you can instantly share or download in seconds.

The Advanced Analytics Suite is built as a flexible product that caters to campaign tracking, event monitoring, influencer management, and market research as well as advanced brand monitoring. 

The suite is a much more granular product, designed for advanced filtering, in-depth sentiment analysis and machine-learning-driven trends analysis. 

The BrandIQ product is built specifically to monitor brands online. It collects brand mentions of your brand name, and tracks the brand’s social media accounts to see how they perform over time. 

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