We Launched 3 New Products!

Hey everyone!

Wanted to share some exciting news with you: we’ve just launched 3 new products that will help you understand your audience even better!

Audience Intelligence

Here’s a surprising fact we found in our research: Less than 9% of any brand’s audience actually talks about that brand. This means that when marketers are monitoring brand mentions, they’re missing more than 91% of their audience’s conversations!

Audience Intelligence helps you find what else your specific audience is talking about in real-time, including how they differ from competitors’ audiences. Have your own ‘Dunk in the Dark’ moment by talking about the same things your audience is talking about.  Your can learn more at http://keyhole.co/audience_intelligence.

Influencer Intelligence

Most marketers would agree that a small set of ‘influencers’ drive most of the conversation. Influencer Intelligence helps you stay on top of what they’re talking about in real-time so that you can lead the conversation, not just find out about them once the story’s already trending and it’s too late.

If this sounds interesting, please visit http://keyhole.co/influencer_intelligence to learn more.

Content Insights

We know a lot of users have setup Tracks not just to measure volume, but also for content discovery — to find the best topical stories in minutes, not hours — and Content Insights helps make it even easier.

The new Content Insights product (located in a new tab beside each of your existing Tracks) brings out the best content related to your search in a much easier-to-digest format. If you haven’t already checked it out, give it a whirl, we think you’ll like it!

We’re continuing to work on new products, and will be announcing more shortly. As always, would love your feedback, so would love to hear from you at saif@keyhole.co with any suggestions or questions!


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