Hashtag Tracking For Custom Date Ranges

Don’t worry – this isn’t yet another Predictions for 2014 post. We’re consolidating the 33,506 posts we’ve received so far and hope to send a summary in the next 2 weeks. Or by July 2015, latest.

In the meantime, thought we’d share 2 big updates: Custom Date Ranges & a more rewarding Referral Program.

Custom Date & Time Ranges

We know that a lot of you have been using Keyhole for time-boxed hashtag campaigns, contests & events, and one of the biggest feedbacks we’ve received is for the ability to start and stop trackers at specific times. So we built it!

Now, when you go to the Advanced or Edit page for a track, you’ll see this:

Custom Date & Time Hashtag Tracking

No more having to delete unwanted data. With this, you can specify the start and end times for your tracker, and avoid any unwanted noise easily.

More Rewarding Referral Program

Have you participated in our referral program yet?

Previously, you could get a free track if someone you referred signed up for a paid account. But it’s now even easier. Starting immediately, you can gain a free track even if your friend just registers for a free trial — in fact, you both get a free track!

You can also get a free month of access by blogging. Learn more at http://keyhole.co/referrals


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