How Twitter Hashtags Help You Gain More Leads, Customers and Followers

Social media is beyond the tipping point for many online marketers, and platforms like Twitter are now reliable ways of driving more sales, leads and conversions. Whether all organizations believe it or not, it has happened.

In early February, Twitter released a fiscal statement of the previous year, and while it discusses a lot of the financial aspects, it mentioned something very important that every marketer should pay attention to:

Average Monthly Active Users (MAUs) were 241 million as of December, 31, 2013, an increase of 30% year-over-year.

That is an incredible growth rate for a platform that’s now eight years old, and it’s time to put our attention towards learning the benefits of hashtags.

So how can hashtags help achieve bottom-line organizational goals?


Hashtags put you on the radar for any phrase that you’re looking to gain attention for. For example, let’s say we’re sharing content in the ‘Web Design’ niche.

Example 1

Now, searching for the phrase ‘web design’ on Twitter is going to return a lot of very generic results – including tweets that have no direct relation to web design.

Twitter Search for web design

Example 2

But, if we search for the phrase ‘#webdesign’ – we instantly get more tailored results. These results are from people who actually want to share something meaningful in the niche of web design.

Twitter Search for #webdesign

Hashtags can make a huge difference!  


It’s best practice to not share only direct sales links all the time. With this in mind, you attach relevant hashtags to all of the other valuable content you share, which will help you attract more people looking for content around that specific topic.

To produce more viral content, achieve higher conversion rates and maximize the potential for gaining more followers, use Twitter Search to find similar tweets. Pay attention to how they’ve been optimized, and think of what made people share them so much. It’s not always because a user has more followers than you.


Finally, if you want to meet potential business partners, take a quick look at our directory of Twitter chats. You’ll find a number of industry-specific hashtags that can be used to talk about relevant subjects. Thousands of people join these chats, and you’re always able to start your own.

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