25 Tips for Social CRM Success

Arming your brand with a social CRM strategy can help address complaints and other issues, preventing the risk of escalation while capitalizing on chances to build brand image.

As of 2013, 67% of online consumers have used a company’s social site for service updates and inquiries, according to a JD Power study. As more consumers view social platforms as outlets to ask questions and raise issues, the need for a comprehensive strategy grows.

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Why Social Media Listening needs to be Integrated Across Departments

Social Media Listening should not be owned solely by your marketing function. Key parts of an organization need to share this gold mine. Before I get into the details of how social media listening can benefit across departments, let me first tell you why businesses need to listen.

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A Brand’s Definitive Guide to Social Media Listening

Humanity knew it all along…

“ Two ears are given to us, the rabbis observe, but only one tongue: the ears are open and exposed, whereas the tongue is walled in behind the teeth.”
James 1:10

…that listening has greater importance over talking. Priceless wisdom that can be applied to marketing and businesses today.

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