Sustainability In Social Media Marketing: 7 Strategies For Promoting Your Eco-Conscious Brand

Consumers today increasingly seek brands that reflect their values. Sustainability is a major concern, with people prioritizing eco-friendly products and practices. Studies reveal that 50% of consumers factor sustainability into their buying decisions. For sustainable brands, having a strong social media presence is important. Through the power of social media, you can connect with your … Read more

TikTok Bill Passed, What Now?

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. The US House just passed a bill calling for ByteDance to sell TikTok or else face the dreaded ban hammer! TikTok plans to take the issue to court. *Phew 2. Pay-to-tweet is becoming a thing! This move of Elon is aimed at combating those pesky bots and making sure Twitter is a place for … Read more

An Overview Of Instagram Reels Dimensions & How To Resize Them

Tired of blurry Reels? Frustrated by cropping? We’re here to help. This is the only Instagram Reels dimensions guide you’ll ever need.  We’ll walk you through the perfect aspect ratio, margin, and sizes for your Instagram Reels.  Read till the end to create professional-looking Reels that maximize screen space and engagement. We won’t just show … Read more

10 Best Instagram Monitoring Tools To Help Boost Engagement

There are 25 million brand accounts vying for engagement on Instagram. As marketers, watching random meme pages, viral trends, and influencer posts grab all the attention and followers you wish your own brand could get kind of hurts.    Instead of just watching from the sidelines, we can learn a lot by looking into the data … Read more

Surprise, Pokes Return To Facebook & LinkedIn Adds Games

Latest Social Media Updates 🗞️ 1. Remember Facebook’s iconic “Poke” feature? It’s making a remarkable comeback igniting a 13x spike in poking activity, with more than 50% of pokes among users aged 18-29. 2. First, TikTok, now Instagram embraces several-minute videos. Some users can upload up to three-minute Reels, offering more space for creativity and deeper engagement with their … Read more

Ultimate Twitter Marketing Guide With Tips & Strategies

Did you know that Twitter, now rebranded as X, started as a minimalist platform for sharing short, 140-character messages? It has become a global powerhouse for real-time news, conversations, and marketing. This makeover underscores its undeniable significance in the online arena, where every tweet can reach millions.  As X continues to blossom, its role in … Read more

Mastering Social Listening Metrics & KPIs: A Comprehensive Guide For Digital Success

Consistently marketing on social media can help your brand generate wide exposure and high-value leads.  But, as with any marketing channel, showing up without a strategy can be fruitless.  With competitive and beloved brands dominating the space, it’s essential to lean on valuable insights to understand what resonates best with your target audience.  That’s what … Read more