Capturing Social With #GrandHyattNYC and Keyhole

Originally built and opened on January 28, 1919 as The Commodore Hotel, the Grand Hyatt New York is committed to maintaining its stature of luxury and leisure.

“I’m a sponge,” declares Hanna Bankston, marketing manager at Grand Huyatt Hotel. “All this digital stuff is so interesting to me — and Keyhole is at the forefront at that.”

Maintaing it’s reputation as a luxury hotel, Grand Hyatt has the unique challenge of ensuring its guests are accomodated in-person, and online. That means conceptualizing, executing and tracking a social media campaign built to empower and inspire its clientele to post, share, comment and capture their stay at Grand Hyatt New York.

“When it comes to tracking hashtag, Keyhole was far and away the best platform out there… it came highly recommended from colleagues we’ve worked with.”

Hanna Bankston

Marketing Manager, Grand Hyatt New York

Building an audience. And a reputation.

With increased pressure from factors such as Airbnb and the like, the already-ferociously competitive hospitatlity industry has to come up with innovative, unorthodox ways to help leverage their brand. Combined with an audience already eager to share their experience, Hanna and her team of marketing experts have built a robust social listening operation surrounding #LivingGrandNYC.

Weekly recaps sent automatically help Hanna report to her director of marketing, to ensure they have a sense of how their campaign is reporting.

Alerts notify Hanna and her team at Grand Hyatt when there’s a spike in activity — like when the Reverend Jesse Jackson stayed in 2016, and helped her team drive almost 4 million impressions.

That metric would not have been captured if not for Keyhole.

“I love the Keyhole Reports that come out weekly. It shows me what content reached the most people and which ones have the highest engagement.

I distribute Keyhole Reports to the directors of Grand Hyatt every week.”

Hanna Bankston

Marketing Manager, Grand Hyatt New York

Amplify your fans.

Grand Hyatt New York use Keyhole to share, monitor and ensure a quality impression is left with every one of their guests.

Tracking sentiment, the origin of negative messages on social media, and all awesome moments are what modern, social powered marketing is built on.

You’re already giving your audience something to share. Now make sure you’re recording it.

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