How Luke’s Lobster Uses Social To Scale Sales and Grow Its Restaurant Business


Instagram Follower Growth - Q1 2017

Likes on the Most Engaged Instagram Post

Spikes in Engagement on Facebook - Q1 2017

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Luke’s Lobster first opened its doors in 2009 in New York City.

Since then, seafood entrepreneurs Luke Holden and Ben Conniff have added 20 more locations across nine states in the U.S., along with five locations in Japan. Their success was recognized by the industry, making the 2014 class of 30 Under 30 in Food and Drink.

The Challenge

It’s notoriously difficult to keep up in the restaurant scene. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are the 3 main platforms for Luke’s Lobster. Management at Luke’s Lobster needs to find an easy tool to understand its audience, and monitor social conversations around its brand and competitors.


Which social channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to focus on?

What type of content to post on each platform? What are the latest talked about food trends?

Which city to expand to next? Do cusotmers know about our brand in that city?

What keeps customers lining up for lobster rolls?

“I need a tool to understand what our customers like, who’s organically tagging us, and what’s best for social engagement.”

Meaghan Dillon

Brand Manager, Luke's Lobster

How Keyhole Helps

Quantifying and Reporting Success Across Platforms

Meaghan needs hard data to structure its social marketing strategy.

With Keyhole, she can easily track metrics such as real-time reach and post engagement across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

1. Doubling down on Instagram to promote seasonal specials

Over the past year, Instagram has been the best channel for the company with 8% follower growth. With this information, Meaghan is now releasing posts on latest promotions and seasonal specials on Instagram.

♥ Type of content fans love

♥ Fans’ reactions and sentiment to the posts

♥ Who to partner with to drive most social engagement for Luke’s Lobster (on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)

♥ Compare sales growth with social engagement to plan go-to-market strategies

“When we launched our seasonable Tail & Kale Warm Grain Salad, I can easily monitor what people are saying about the salad, who are organically tagging us, and engagement on our posts at a glance.”

Meaghan Dillon

Brand Manager, Luke's Lobster

2. Engaging the Fisherman Community with Twitter and Facebook Chats

Luke’s Lobster is proud to source fresh seafood from local fishermen and lobstermen at the dock, and support local communities to stay true to its Maine roots. Community initiatives like the sustainable waterways cleanup and soup to soup kitchen. The company uses Twitter and Facebook to keep active conversations with its Maine’s fishing community.

Using Keyhole’s alert feature, Meaghan can find out who’s mentioning them on social media. The ability to get real-time alerts and insights on these social conversations allows them to jump in and have a real-time conversation.

“We keep strong ties with our fisherman community. We are constantly interacting with them, whether on Twitter or Facebook.”

Meaghan Dillon

Brand Manager, Luke's Lobster

3. Easy Reporting

As a brand manager, Meaghan prepares quarterly marketing reports for company executives.

For instance, for her 2017 Q1 report, Meaghan uses Keyhole to spot peaks of engagement and to understand how the company’s marketing strategy is received by the public.

“Keyhole’s been so easy to use. I love pulling its visuals and quick reports when putting together quarterly marketing reports to show our management.”

Meaghan Dillon

Brand Manager, Luke's Lobster

4. Market Research for Expansion

When deciding where to expand next, Luke’s Lobster turns to social data.

Its development team is often looking at a number of potential markets, and Keyhole is helpful in finding residents in those cities who are aware of their brand, and consumer behavior and competitors in that potential market.

Which is the favourite dish?

Using Keyhole, the team can easily see which dish is being talked about the most, what’s the public sentiment around a certain dish, where fans are located, and latest lobster favs.

In Meaghan’s words, “Tracking the success of posts from the influencers we’re working with is super important. And more importantly, I love seeing posts from guests who are organically tagging us. Keyhole’s fantastic in showing us all that“.

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