Tracking the U.K. Launch of Tim Hortons with Keyhole

 Spider PR helped launch Canada’s favourite quick serve restaurnt Tim Hortons in the United Kingdom, and measured their success on social with Keyhole.

“We’ve dabbled with a ton of social media tools, but Keyhole was one we tried and have kept.”

Rebecca Jones

Social Media Manager, SPIDER PR

Spider PR is an award-winning consultancy and activation firm based in London.

As experts in Social Media management and at the cutting edge of Digital Marketing services,  Spider knows that optimum results come from a combination of all of these skills.


Spider is a London-based PR and Digital Marketing agency, delivering transformational solutions, enabling businesses to enhance brand propositions through accountable PR outcomes, and building brand image through Digital Marketing and Social Media presence.

Their core services offered are centred around key areas of specialty: Food and Drink, Corporate/B2B, Real Estate and Property, Travel and Leisure and Charity/CSR.Spider knows intimately what is needed to create engaging, innovative and striking Brand Marketing strategies, that are relevant and exciting for consumers.

The Challenge

As an incredibly Canadian brand, Spider PR knew there existed a genuine fondness for Tim Hortons from Canadians, and wanted to effectively capture and extend its essence to a new audience in the United Kingdom.

They wanted to communicate an emotional connection with the brand, while also ensuring that they effectively present their client’s key messages.

As a reputable boutique PR firm, Spider needed to find a robust social media application that provides quality social media reporting that the whole team could use and interpret.

How Keyhole Helps

    • Spider’s Consumer, Corporate and Digital teams compiled a strategic campaign to drive awareness and raise the hype of the launch, and developed
    • This allowed Becky and her social team to build and continually refine their campaign messaging, thanks to the insight they were able to pull from social.
    • Using Keyhole Reports, they were able to easily provide weekly updates to their client, including information on the demographics being reached on social, and refine their messaging, so they could drum up as much hype as possible.
    • “Social provides measurable success,” she said. “Exactly how many people have seen our content really allows us to dive deep, and present to our clients exactly what they are getting for their money.”
    • Spider PR provided Tim Hortons with an incredibly clear tailored strategy. As they are experts in consumer-facing PR, their ability to translate engaging and compelling stories onto social media, while infusing their efforts with Keyhole allowed their work with Tim Hortons in the U.K. to be a smash hit.

The Results

Over 6 million Brits were reached, with an engagement rate of 4.7%.

As an agency working with several different clients on different campaigns, Keyhole helps by providing quality reporting. It has great features and is easy to use.

  • The demographic of people engaging with their posts and their mission
  • The effectiveness of partnership engagements
  • The geographical reach of their social media presence
  • The ways in which people are accessing their content


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