How The Special Olympics Captures Significant Moments on Social with Keyhole

 As the world’s largest sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities, The Special Olympics represent more than 4.9 million athletes, alongside 1 million volunteers across the world.

They began to use the real-time social analytics platform Keyhole to capture the social buzz around their 2015 World Summer Games in Los Angeles.

Year Established

Number of athletes represented (in millions)

Average number of trackers in Keyhole per month

Weekly visits to Keyhole

The Challenge

  • As a non-profit, the Special Olympics required a robust marketing solution for amplifying and capturing the amazing content that come out of the Games.


  • How can we ensure we’re capturing all audience engagement and capitalize on great, organic content?

“Keyhole’s reports demonstrating the number of impressions on Twitter and Instagram is, frankly, a very influential way to show ROI on social, and how we’re reaching people.”

Ryan Eades

Director, Digital and Social Engagement at The Special Olympics

How Keyhole Helps

Generate Social Leads That Promote The Special Olympics Brand

Keyhole’s Dashboard allows Ryan and his social media team to watch the social action of the Special Olympics unfold in real-time, with context-aware Posts that sort audiences based on Follower count and engagement. This provides his team with insight into who is truly a “Social Ambassador.”

While monitoring social media action is a top priority, the social team at the Special Olympics also monitor and organize all celebrity endorsements and ambassador work, which allows the team to be far more robust when planning how social activations roll-out.

When Ryan’s team tapped model and actress Brooklyn Decker to work with the Special Olympics, they used Keyhole to see exactly how much engagement and conversions were being driven by her efforts on social. Combining influencer marketing with both celebrities, as well as social media stars, allows Ryan and his team to really drive at what is the most optimal investment for social, year after year. All of which is monitored through Keyhole.

“When we capture social analytics from our Games and take that back to our social media team, in a year from now when we’re assessing the ROI, we look to Keyhole.

Ryan Eades

Director, Digital and Social Engagement at The Special Olympics

Reports from Keyhole ensure that The Special Olympics stay ahead of the game.

In a noisy social climate, being able to really drive home the organization’s importance is a top priority. Using Reports generated from Keyhole’s Tracker Dashboard, as well as custom reports infused with data from Keyhole’s API (available on certain Plans) allows the Special Olympics team to ensure that they “maintain steady growth.”

Social teams can’t afford to wait during live events.

Any live event comes with “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” moments. Having a robust social media tool like Keyhole in place ensures that you and your team maintain a top-down look at what’s really making your audience stand up and cheer.

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