#Inauguration vs #WomensMarch — The Numbers

A lot of attention has been paid to both #InaugurationDay and #WomensMarch recently. The images on Twitter comparing the two events have been stark, to say the least.

The POTUS (the new one) and his team, however, have been adamant that this is an issue of the media not reporting the truth. We at Keyhole have decided to collect some data of our own to compare the two events. In particular, we decided to use our platform’s hashtag analytics tools to compare the usage of #Inauguration-related posts vs #WomensMarch, along with the users behind them.

To be fair, we also looked at the data for both terms on the day of the event and one day after. So #Inauguration was analyzed on Jan 20-21, 2017, and #WomensMarch was analyzed on Jan 21-22, 2017.

Comparing the Numbers

Let’s take a look at real Twitter data for the two hashtags.

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Custom Date Ranges in Keyhole Trackers [New Feature]

A few weeks ago, we spoke to a number of Keyhole users to learn about how they use the product and what changes they’d like to see.

By far, the #1 piece of feedback we received was that people wanted the ability to set custom date ranges within trackers. Although Keyhole provided the ability to select preset date ranges (e.g. Last 7 Days), this didn’t help users with time-boxed campaigns.

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How to Use Hashtags to Find Brand Influencers

Finding influencers has become much easier over time – especially given the transparent data that’s now available. You no longer need to rely on ‘black box’ scoring systems to find generic partner. You can use available data from social networks to rank their influence objectively.

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How Should #Travel Brands Use Twitter?


Twitter has quickly become a powerful tool for travelers, and they’re using it for everything from researching destinations to connecting with their hotels and airlines for discounts.  Twitter and Millward Brown recently published an infographic describing how travelers use Twitter, and here are some valuable tips on how brands should use the social network.

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How to Track #Influencers Using Keyhole [New Feature]


A lot of people use Keyhole to track influencer campaigns. In other words, you’ve engaged influencers to help amplify campaigns you’re running and use Keyhole to measure their reach and engagement. Today, most users do this manually by filtering for influencers in the Excel report.

We’re excited to announce a new feature that makes influencer tracking much easier!

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